Wednesday, March 11, 2015

from chuck - and by the way - thanks

i go to sleep, vowing-vowing-vowing i will get up and stay focused on the tasks that should be done and then, in an instant, i see this font and
i have no willpower.
you'd think by confessing my font-addiction to all y'all, i would be able to control it, but you would be wrong

thanks, chuck
no really, thanks.....
seriously, thanks.....


  1. Really great. What I want to know is why Blood, Sweat, and Tears got bottom billing!

  2. I love art nouveau fonts. This makes me think - I think I could do this, but not nearly as well as Chuck.

  3. Is there an excemplar for this ? So great.

  4. Never mind.... There's enough in the band advertisement. I caught a drift!