Monday, March 30, 2015

jim's fern

i need to use up a couple of these fern stamps that are 49-cents. i hear the rates are going up.
i used the faber-castell pitt big brush for the green. the darker green is cocoiro and the white is gel pen. i was not too literal with the ferns.


  1. I love the fern-like quality of the lettering and the spring green. First class will remain at 49 cents for now but a few other things will go up. (The second ounce, postcards, media mail, global forevers, and first class international packages). So hoard those fern stamps a while longer.

  2. Fortunately the first class rate is staying at 49c for at least the whole of 2015.

    The increase for postcards, international letters and additional ounces for first class mail is on hold while USPS gets its act together. They were slated to occur April 26, but this has been postponed. I bet not for too long, though!

    1. Rates for a lot of classes of mail, but not a 1oz first class letter, are now going up Sunday, May 31st.

  3. I need to "brush up" on my brush lettering. ;-)
    When you said the cocorio pens are you new obsession, you weren't kidding. Just how many colors do you have? I just have the black (so far). Do you have a separate holder for each?

  4. i actually have all the colors and i do not bother with the holders. i like skinny pens and markers. the most important thing is to save the tiny white cap that comes on the tip and replace it. i think that makes a huge difference in conserving the ink.

  5. thank you, finn and ms miss for updating me on postal rates.