Sunday, March 8, 2015

batman + big nib

i ended up adding some gold gel pen to this and it was not an improvement. it did not destroy it, but, i did not bother making a new scan.

this is a modified neuland - one of my favorite styles. i prefer packing it in very tight. it is a fool proof way to make a solid chunk of something to anchor the composition.

and to anyone who knows neuland, note my s. i think it is a very nice alternative to the s designed by rudolph koch. if i am admitted to the scribal section of the next world, i hope i get to chit chat with people like rudy.

i'm not sure if this is a repeat....if it is, i will add something today. 

this isn't an envelope. it is a giant nib at one of the interstate rest stops along I-80. and yes, my name is on the plaque of people who contributed to the project. the A on the building in the background is the A in IOWA. some day i will post all the photos and the whole story.


  1. I'd definitely like a blog post on the story behind this.

  2. Hello! Just found your blog through Pinterest. May I ask your advice?
    Can you recommend what type of envelope will hold up if you want to paint or use a fountain pen on it?

    Lovely work!!!

  3. Hi Sandra. The best envelopes for paint or ink are the ones made of 100% cotton. Office supply stores have them in the business sized envelopes in the section where they have resume paper. Art supply stores sometimes carry Strathmore envelopes or Fabriano which are very nice. All of those would be good for painting. Paper Source has a wide range of envelopes made from Waste Not paper which is very good for ink. If you have gesso you can put a coat of gesso on just about any paper and that will make it suitable for paint or ink. Another option is to use art paper and then fold it into an envelope. There are tons of tutorials on hand made envelopes on YouTube. I hope you try any or all of these options. Mail art is a very enjoyable activity.

  4. Oh, my stars! That is some nib! The envelope is great. I hope you'll tell the whole story soon-soon-soon!