Wednesday, March 25, 2015

happy birthday louise

i saw a really pretty versal L with an overlapping script L and wanted to do my version. then i saw that louise is a mail artist and requested 55 decorated envelopes to observe her 55th birthday. so, i gave it a try. the gel pen did not want to work. then i had no stamps that went with the teal envelopes and i have a lot of them left over, so i need to find a teal stamp. but i do have a ton of the winter stamps left over. i also want to make a whole alphabet of versals layered with script.

anyone who wants to send an envelope to louise - here is her address. she posted on the IUOMA site and wrote that she was fine with people reposting her request.  click on [read more] to read her entire blog post

Louise Heroux  (accent the e in the last name)
33 des Acores  (dangle something on the c in Acores)
Gatineau, Quebec  (accent on the first e in Quebec)
J8X 3G5

Hello my artistic friends,

Today, I take my electronic pen, to share a wish,that may come true with your collaboration.You can also pass on my request to your network if you feel it appropriate.

This year I will be 55 years of age, and to highlight this passage, I would like to receive at least 55 decorated envelopes in my own mail box, while I can still benefit from that privilege.

Much to my regret, Canada Post announced the end of home delivery within 3 years. Yes, that era will end soon! No more interactions with the mail man, always proud to deliver the unconventional mail, brightening up his day.

When all the envelopes will be received, I will assemble a souvenir album in order to preserve your artistic donations. In exchange of your creation I promise to send back one of my postal art piece.

Hopefully my wish will be granted by receiving your mail art.May you be inspired.Thanking you in advance.

Louise Héroux
33 des Açores
Gatineau, Québec


  1. That is a GORGEOUS envelope! And since I also live in Quebec, I will definitely send Louise some mail. :)

  2. This is great - I didn't even realize there was a script L until I read the post - it is a seamless part of the design. I think I'll have to send something now. I hope she gets more than 55.