Friday, March 20, 2015

cream-style kathy

now i have to decide if i want to come up with all the lower case letters, too

i was trying a pigma micron pen on this. still looking for something i love that does not involve a bottle of ink. but, in my heart, i know that a nib and ink would be the best way to go with this style. or a rapidiograph.

the street and zip will go under the last name


  1. Legend left a comment on an earlier post of this style, that he is enjoying using this style on envelopes that he has sent out. He said it looked good on a St. Patrick's Day mailing. So, now I am thinking of ways to morph it into other holidays. It just looked so Halloween-y to me. Plus, I still need to write to the designer and see how he feels about us stealing his design....

  2. Love the red lower case e. Assuming it was on purpose. If perhaps for spelling or spacing reasons, super clever.

    1. nope, it was a *typo* - i figure making the correction in red is like enhancing your mole to make it into a beauty mark...also, coming up will be another comment about the boo-boo and fix

    2. another comment will appear in an upcoming blog post, not here