Tuesday, March 24, 2015

chuck's cream-style rose

this is another one from chuck. very nice ligature where he linked the R and W.

there have been several comments left on the envelopes with this style. one asked for the full alphabet and you can get most of it on the March 11th post:


i still have to write to the designer to see how he feels about us appropriating his design - before i post a full alphabet.

also, karen left a comment on the friday envelope where i layered the i and e in Schneider - she thought i might have layered them on purpose. nope. it was a mistake - and i did not notice til i was done. i'm always too lazy to redo anything. i always have to find a fix. plus kathy is the queen of happy accidents. i'll never forget her comment, "it's not burnt, it's caramelized." we had become a bit distracted in the kitchen. that's become a well used phrase in my kitchen.

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