Thursday, March 12, 2015

chuck's cream lettering

ok, i allowed myself an hour to play withthis font. yesterday, i cut off the top of the page that chuck sent. it was a poster for a cream concert. so i will call this style cream and there is a signature to the right of the word *BLOOD*
maybe chuck can make out the name so we can give credit to the designer. i'm not sure about the ethics of stealing this font.

i totally messed up the first C, then i did not find the U on the poster until after i did a very bad U. i will be figuring out a whole alphabet at some point.

and i had to tip the envelope to disguise that i made the two lines at the bottom crooked. this was with gel pen. it would be more successful if i got out ink and nibs. not the best stamp choice - but - i'm too preoccupied with this lettering.


  1. The artist is Stanley Mouse, The little name is S Mouse, just one of the ways he signed his work.

  2. How fun this is! I like all of the envelopes you've posted intros Cream font. It reminds me of vines and twigs. Where is the whole alphabet?