Friday, March 13, 2015

from smashman, aka smashgirl

so, smashgirl went a little crazy with the batman stamps. that's what i like about letting the stamps inspire the envelope. they lure you off in directions that are wildly different than one would expect.

really fun and good use of selvedges selvages. [thank you to finn for helpful editing]  i'm not sure that is the correct term for the extra sticky stuff that we get on the edges of the sheets of stamps. if anyone knows of better word, please let me know.

thanks, smashgirl


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  2. Great envelope. The word is correct, just spelled unconventionally (it's Selvage). Selvedge is more descriptive, for sure.

  3. the first comment had a link to what looked like a product and this blog is not about selling things, it is about sharing ideas and sending mail. thank you.