Thursday, March 19, 2015

from janet

i usually don't include the cards unless they are hand made, but this one was so cute and there is such a nice tie-in with the stamp that i had to include it

and...there is a new twist on the
bird-on-head theme that a few of us are hooked on.

i love the envelope LOVE IT
will definitely be stealing the idea.
that's washi tape - making the packages. i do not own washi tape....and must figure out a way to do this without buying washi tape...

thanks janet


  1. You could probably get some from your friend Jan!

  2. OK....we'll do washi tape envelopes after we do our envelope lining job + if you are up for it, i have a bride who wants mixed vintage stamps, so we might get to go to the vintage stamp store and have a whole lotta fun...but first *we* have to line the envelopes.

  3. love this one, great packages with the tape