Tuesday, March 17, 2015

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to the right is a photo of a page in Midwest Living magazine. it is published by Meredith Publishing, here in Des Moines. from time to time, the art directors call me to do some hand lettering. this project included writing on the wall in an architect's style of printing. the lower photo shows a detail shot. it takes about a day and a half to set up and shoot these kinds of photos. the table top photos were c-r-a-z-y difficult because everything had to be set up, on a table and then i had to climb on top of the table and write on the table without touching anything. technically, that is impossible. but the art directors are always so perky and encouraging and give me the confidence to do the impossible.

i made sure to have someone take a photo of me perched on the table and asked them to be sure to make my rear end look as large as possible. i guess i'll save that shot for tomorrow.

these are in the March/April issue of Midwest Living. i highly recommend the magazine for its recipes. i have worked on several articles that have lettering with the food shots. Meredith publishes a lot of food related magazines and books, including the Better Homes & Gardens Cookbook. it's funny to walk into the huge corporate head quarters, which looks huge and corporate...but the minute you are inside the front door, it smells yummy...just like grandma's kitchen.

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