Monday, March 16, 2015

cream-style to j&m

the more i do this one, the more i like it. i wonder if i am doing enough changing of the original to make it my own? there is a certain percentage that you have to change something to declare it your own. but i don't know what that percentage is. and it's not like i am going to make a font. this is a style where you make a lot of decisions as you see which letters fall next to which others.

is anyone going to try this style?

march 12th comment:
a couple days ago, chuck left a comment telling us that the artist on the cream poster is Stanley Mouse.
you can read all about him on wikipedia...and now that i know he spent his life as an artist and had some real ups and downs, i think i need to write to him and ask him how he feels about us copying this style. it's not like we are making money off it....but, if it peeves him, i think i might have to stop posting this style....even though i will still be obsessed with it.....and how ironic that he spent so much time doing grateful dead art....maybe the fact that i married a deadhead and spawned another one will set well with him.....


  1. This would be a great font for Halloween-themed envelopes.

  2. I would be extremely interested in the designer's thoughts on this subject. This is a favorite (to me) of your designs.