Friday, July 1, 2016

sunday posts and progress reports

 yesterday i stopped off to see my brother. he checks my blog and saw that i was taking a break and  had a good suggestion. rather than leave the future vague, set up a new schedule of posts so that my readers aren't annoyed by checking back and finding nothing.

so, i will schedule posts to appear on sundays and i will include progress reports. hopefully there will be no re-gress reports. i'm sure i can think of something to say - once a week. at the very least, i can post my favorite images from the past. or new things i find during my morning surf.

this was another post that was scheduled for a sunday. jeri hobart does some writing like this. i wish i had made better labels so i could add a link to her work. this artist's name is nadya mamonova.


  1. I definitely understand your need for a break ~ know you will be missed. I don't drink coffee. But I began my day with a glass of OJ and an envelope from Jean's blog.
    If we lived near each other, I'd offer to help organize the piles. I'll check in on Sundays and look forward to a time when you are able to post more frequently.