Wednesday, July 6, 2016

progress or no progress?

no progress on the scanner. found this yummy envelope on pinterest. linked to a blog
i did not surf through the blog - it didn't look like it would have many envelopes.
does the brother want his pie delivered in a pastry envelope?
i think i want to make an entire meal that is enveloped food.

anyone care to brainstorm with me?

wontons and ravioli seem like logical candidates to be envelopes. also those fish dishes that are prepared in parchment paper envelopes. any kind of flour tortilla could be folded into an envelope with filling. i love this idea. for dessert, this pastry would work - but fondant is very foldable.


  1.'re making me hungry. How has your brother resisted? ;)

    1. sweets are not a weakness for him. sadly, i have no skills that he needs. makes me feel inadequate as a person. he should help me just out of pity. i am not too proud to be pitied. and i have posts lined up all the way into august. yippee. i liked candy's suggestion to take photos on a iPod touch. although i do not have an iPod or an iPad. maybe my iPhone will talk to my new iMac.

    2. You can have your photos automatically go to your iMac or you can plug your phone in to your computer and download them. You can set up folders and organize them so you don't need to search through all of your photos.

    3. Just saw today's post and, yay, he came and the hiatus is over!

  2. I'm envisioning a pizza crust envelope filled with sauce, veggies, canadian bacon and cheese oozing out.