Wednesday, July 27, 2016

re-run holiday white and black on kraft series

 i don't think i have ever run a whole series in one post. i wish blogger would let me arrange them on the page. it's fun to see a whole series all together. and i can now label it *series.* and maybe someday there will be others to join it.

all i have to say about kraft paper is that i love it. i could insert the story about how my brother and sister in law had a huge roll of it and they gave it away. and they did not give it to me. they didn't even know how much i lusted after their roll of paper. i still get weepy thinking about it.


  1. Love the look! It would be difficult to choose a favorite. I pinned a few of them for future reference.

  2. That's funny that you mentioned picking a favorite. When I wrote the post I was tempted to ask if anyone had a favorite