Sunday, July 17, 2016

ice cream envelope

kate left a comment back on the pie post - wondering if there was ice cream on the peach pie. the mention of ice cream on pies turns into a big heated debate here on 44th street. some people will get in the car and drive to get ice cream when there is a pie in the house and glare at me.

the pie in the photo is a Cream-Kist Peach Pie. you pour a half a cup of cream into the peaches-sugar-flour mixture. there are sliced almonds on top. IMHO, that is enough cream. however, the brother took his home and i hear there was ice cream on top.

i think i have posted this website - but, it was fun to do a search for ice cream envelope and see what would pop up.

this pie envelope was on pinterest - the link to stevie hopwood at the elevated envelope did not link. i don't have time to go surfing. i have all these dang peaches to bake into something. aaarrgghhh. who is going to eat all this stuff.....aaaarrrggghhhh