Friday, July 8, 2016

thank you ---the break is over

thanks to everyone who had suggestions or encouragement to keep the blog going. i have a bunch of posts scheduled and the exchanges will start up in august (i think sign up is on aug 3rd)

there will still be re-runs as needed. i have more excavating to do, but am happy to report that i can see the floor in a few areas plus i have unearthed some fun stuff to share.

i was happy to hear from a long time reader, bonnie. she used email since she was unable to leave a comment on the blog. as far as i can tell, google requires a gmail account in order to leave a comment. if anyone knows of another way, please let me know. because the blog is free, i am OK with having a gmail account - but i know some people prefer to stay clear of google. you are always welcome to contact me through email or snail mail.

the image is computer lettering from this site:
i just snagged the first thank you image that popped up - and did not look at anything else on their site.

again, thanks for all the help and support.

shout out to the brother - thank you for getting the scanner up and running.
i see a pie in your future. maybe saturday?


  1. So happy that the blog and exchange will be back! The blog is the first thing I check every morning! Thank you, thank you!

  2. Yes, like other go-to-this-blog-first readers, I'm very happy that your technology problems have been tamed. Many thanks to your brother. Kate

  3. i, too, check the blog every morning. since i schedule posts to appear for weeks in advance, i like to check in and compare my current state of mind with the daily post. so, it is very comforting to know that i, too, have kept my morning ritual intact. the brother will be handsomely rewarded, she said just before picking up the phone to make yet another request for help.... one of these days, brother will break down and post the list of all the things i have done over the years to enhance his life...i hope he did not get hurt when he fell out of his chair, laughing out loud....

  4. You don't need a Gmail account to comment on blog posts. Make sure your settings are set to Anyone under Settings: Comments

    1. thanks - i will post this and ask someone to give it a try and see if they can make it work.

  5. Yippee! I like my routine. There's nothing better than Jean Wilson , coffee and a blueberry bagel. I may need to cut back on the bagels, though. 😊

  6. Hooray!!! Thank you, brother of Jean Wilson. And of course, thank you Jean.

  7. Everything is better, happy about brother, happy you can see floor, morning coffee is better, August exchange is better and I almost have a new studio up and running