Thursday, July 7, 2016

penpals - chuck

chuck was one of the first people i met way-back-when i got into calligraphy. more than 20 years ago. and this is an envelope i have seen pinned numerous times on pinterest. it always makes me happy to see it.

i tossed it off in just a couple minutes and i am rerunning it to show that plain block letters can be fun and stylish. the secret is to put the widest part of the curves at the center or higher. look at the P-R-D bowls they are almost triangular. and the widest part of the C is in the middle. when you let the widest part fall on the lower half of the letter, they look sad and droopy.

this envelope also shows that you can condense and expand basic block letters as necessary. i've wanted more of these stamps, but have learned that they are highly sought after by stamp lovers which means you can buy them - but they are too spendy for me. i wish the too-big-to-be-aware-of-the-real-world PO would wake up and reissue the stamps everyone wants. they could even charge us more (not double - just a little more) and we would buy them. maybe we should write them actual letters with our good ideas. don't hurt yourselves when you fall off your chairs laughing.

cliffhanger continues...will the brother have mercy on me?  
sounds like he'll be arriving today.


  1. Keep us posted about the brother's hoped-for successes.

  2. Yay for the brother!

    And I too have wondered why the Post Office is loosing so much money in not reprinting popular stamps. But it sounds very typical of the gobermint to be honest. Anything that makes sense and might generate profits are a big no-no! :)

    I keep a list of stamps I want as searches on eBay. I'm notified when something that I want is listed and if it's a good price I try to snag it for later use. Sometimes you can get a good deal on stamps via Etsy. Not sure why at times they are cheaper there, but I have gotten several really good deals on Etsy.

    Sending good thoughts to the brother and the computer!

  3. well - he is here - but it's very complicated. i feel like i am pacing in the waiting room at the ER.

  4. ok - the operation was a success. i have not scanned and posted anything yet - but will try to - soon. and then there is the big celebration with the pie...