Monday, July 18, 2016

re-run - from kathleen

 the middle one was the inspiration. i apologize for not being able to tell you who sent it. maybe the sender will leave a comment. this is definitely a style that i would re-visit.
kathleen rea heiser left a comment on a different post - thanks, kathleen. and i forgot to mention that the border around the stamp is stealworthy, too.

there was an email from someone in the spam of my non-yahoo email - referring to the time of day that my posts pop up...i couldn't see the entire message - and then it disappeared. so, i am not ignoring you - maybe resend to the yahoo account  jmwilson411 [at] yahoo [dot] com


  1. Love these letters! It's too bad that the P.O. feels the need to use the thick black pencil on beautiful envelopes.

    1. while i spelled your name correctly, that l in alyce looks like i had to insert it after omitting it. i owe you a better one.

  2. You're writing/calligraphy is just always lovely and free no matter what style you're penning. Not so much anymore with my weed pulling, exacto cutting, plier gripping, needle pulling, Arthur-itic hand.

  3. I really love the openness and free feeling that comes with these letters. A must steal style! Thank you, Jean! ;-)