Tuesday, July 5, 2016

uber ominous event

in theory, that might be true. someone asked me to letter those words for a retirement gift. sounds like some boss was retiring and that person had used that phrase a lot. i found the image in my picasa albums.  picasa has been discontinued, but is the only place i can get images any more.
big computer problem.

anyhow...we need to find out if it is possible for my brother who is officially retired from helping people with their computers will have mercy on me and come over and figure out why:
all the scans are gone from the old computer
there must have been a program that opened when i wanted to scan - on the old computer- and now it is gone
i can't get the scanner to talk to the new computer (or the old computer) - if i could, i could probably start scanning again
if you don't help me - this will be the end of the blog
i could post your address on my blog and you would be getting some mail, but i don't think it would be very friendly
in addition to the lemon meringue pie i owe you, i could probably find some rhubarb - and the good peaches will be in season soon

maybe the blogging-gods want me stop
or maybe they are creating a daily challenge to test me and keep all y'all hanging on a tiny little cliff every day


  1. Jean, I'm sure blogging gods don't want you to stop. I certainly don't. Please forgive me for laughing, though, at the entreaty to your brother. Hope the pie does the trick!

  2. Jean, did you recently upgrade the OS to Windows 10? This could cause programs to be lost. If the upgrade happened within a month, you can restore a previous OS. Sounds like the scanner is missing the drivers, the program that communicates between the hardware and software. Go to the scanner manufacturer's site. Usually you can download the latest drivers from there. Just a couple of thoughts. Good luck.

  3. What a frustrating situation! Hoping this isn't the end.
    We could write letters beseeching him to help his wonderful sister and mail them to your house.

    1. i'm pretty sure a couple pies will work. i even have a back up plan where i photograph the envelopes and load them on the third computer. i have to check and see if it is still cooperating. i also want to try the method of uploading straight from my phone. that would be ideal....

  4. I don't usually scan my envelopes. I simply lay them on a white sheet of paper and take a photo of them. I take the photo with my iPod touch. I plug my iPod touch into my computer and they magically go into my photos album. I find that to be easier for me than scanning them.