Monday, July 4, 2016

rerun + update

who knows, i might post every day even though i am taking a break. i just spoke to the third person who said she did not contact me when she saw that i was taking a break because she thought i might be overwhelmed and in a difficult situation. she also suggested that i blog something to reflect that this break is a good break resulting from good things and not a big dose of too-much-to-handle.

seriously the tipping point came when i had not realized that i had gotten to the end of my pre-scheduled posts. and i was not sure how to even find my stacks of stuff.

in the four days since i decided to take the break, i have found all kinds of good stuff to post. but, i am making myself wait until i get some tidying up done before i get back to new material on the blog. in the mean time i might let myself blog every time i have my noon coffee and insert an old envelope that makes me happy.

this previously posted envelope was done by sonjia, one of my best penpals. sadly, she died very unexpectedly and i was one of the people who helped find new homes for her art supplies and really fabulous books. i have helped families several times with the dispersal of art supplies and books. so, i vowed to tidy up my own space so that my family will not have to deal with my stuff if i die suddenly. tidying up is a really good thing (for me).


  1. I totally understand where your are coming from. We are in the process of downsizing in order to do all the clean up of family junk, eeerr, I mean heirlooms so our children aren't stuck doing it.

    It's rather cathartic to realize how much stuff you really don't need. I'm cutting my living space by 2/3 and so far I'm loving it!

    Good luck with your organizing and hope you have a speedy return to the blog, although it's like you've never left! Haha

  2. Posting your favorites from years past sounds like a wonderful idea. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  3. I've spent the last 6 months organizing and purging. At first, I ended up with a bigger mess. I shared the things I decided I wouldn't be using with my church's school and with my Artist Trading Card group.
    I like the idea of posting envelopes from the past.

  4. it only takes one person to like an idea and i am off and, with the uber support, i think i can get back on the daily routine.
    thanks penpals :-)