Saturday, July 16, 2016

re-run peacocks

ahhhh - the peacock series. that was a fun one. i think i did a decent job of labeling them so they would all come up at once. i won't label this one so that if someone uses the label function, they won't get a duplicate. such a pretty stamp. i wonder if there are other stamps that will generate the fun and comments that we had with this one.

for anyone who is new to the blog and missed this series - you click on the [peacock] label and 15 posts will come up. here is a link to the first one....
the comment section cracked me up. my readers are hysterical. i need to find time to go back and review all the comments and post them in a [highlighting my readers section]


  1. I have only been following your blog for a very short while. I love the envelopes and the art they encompass! Makes we want to learn something new! Thanks for not giving up.

    1. Hi Linda:
      Welcome to the blog. The comment section makes me very happy. I enjoy hearing from new people as well as those who have been reading and commenting since Feb 17, 201o.
      Thanks for taking time to post.