Tuesday, July 12, 2016

first new scan - from miss cathy

miss cathy and i are probably close in age so we probably have fond memories of penmanship classes. i was fond of the concept and i admired grown ups who had penmanship that matched the samples - but dang---- it frustrated me to no end that i could not replicate the exemplars. in college i spent hours working on my penmanship. not palmer method. i copied the penmanship of a classmate who had very tidy penmanship.

this is so pretty. thank you miss cathy. and i like the stamp choice.

the order of my new batch of scans will be very random. i know i owe thank you envelopes to the people who sent mail in june - when i had the open call to send something. if you are annoyed that you have not received your thank you - send me an email and i will be sure to respond promptly.

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful envelope....down memory lane. I loved those lined-for-writing tablets and practicing my cursive in third grade. Not much learning of cursive in schools these days....I'm trying to remedy that in my small corner of the world. Miss Cathy gets an A+ in penmanship!