Thursday, June 30, 2016

taking a break / took a break

below is the post i posted on june 30th. i kept posting and responding to readers and figured out that i could run some re-runs of old envelopes rather than taking a break. so there will be something to see every day - probably. after i hit a half million hits i would like to get to a million before i actually retire. so we'll see how it goes. it took 6 years+ to get to a half million. i think i can keep up for another 6 years - and hopefully, i will have some new content pretty soon.

thanks to my readers who commented and helped me figure out a way to keep going daily.

below is the original post...

i'm taking a break from the blog because i have run out of time to scan envelopes. i'm sad to stop because i know there are several people who start their day with a cup of coffee and an envelope. my stack of cards and letters from fans is one of my favorite stacks....but the other stacks are out of control and it is time to do something about them. who knows, i might do some impulse blogging....or maybe post something once a month...just to let you know if i am making any progress towards getting back to the blog.

i know there were people looking forward to the next exchange. i'm sorry that the exchanges are also on hold...but i imagine i will get back to them eventually. i certainly have a lot of stamps left to use up.

the image today is from this blog.
it was going to be another sunday post. i had a couple of them scheduled - which is why there was a sunday post yesterday.

you have to scroll down to see this image. so far, i have not found any actual envelopes on the blog, but this would be a fine envelope with a stamp and an address tucked in some where.

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  1. Hi Jean. Best of luck getting all of your other stuff done so you can come back to the blog. I'm one of those people holding a coffee cup every morning as I enjoy the latest posting. The exchanges had me actually looking forward to the mail.
    Come back soon! Kate

  2. I've enjoyed the blog and especially the exchanges. Maybe I'll do envelopes for family during the break, but a deadline did help!😄

  3. Jean-san - you definitely deserve a break, having kept me entertained daily (and sometimes more often) for the three years (!) since I stumbled across your blog. I hope the piles get smaller, and look forward to seeing you back here in the future.

  4. There has been a new development. Check the blog tomorrow.

  5. I start my day with coffe a new envelope.... it just won't be the same! :-( sniff, sniff.

  6. I've been looking at Benoits blog for many years, it's worth going through the whole thing if you have time

  7. I will so miss your daily posts. I do understand the need to take a break. Hope you get rested and miss us so much you come back soon.

  8. One of the first plans I had for after settling into our new life, was to return to my addiction to Jean's blog. We even have our new return address stamps ready to go. Smash is now a full time SC. I will miss my morning cup company but certainly do understand other responsibilities hope you are back soon