Friday, June 24, 2016

largest PO box in the world

my son was skiing in svalbard and alerted me to this giant post box. you can see it up close at this link.

svalbard is an unincorporated island half way between norway and the north pole.

a search of svalbard on flickr will send you to some lovely photos. there have been a few people killed by polar bears on the island, so the ski guides carry loaded rifles. my son said they did not see any bears. he also said that more people are killed by avalanches than by polar bears - but the bears get all the press. no - my son did not send a postcard - but he did send one from antarctica last year. i forgot to ask him if anyone handles mail on the island...since it is unincorporated.

bonus post today - since that photo in the other post is so pitiful.

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