Monday, June 8, 2015

spencerian peacock video

if you need a *peacock fix* today, here is a peacock and all kinds of other interesting spencerian artwork combined with music in a video. i can't make out what the words are. something mushy, no doubt. my apologies if it is offensive. i just look at the pictures.

it was made to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin's inks (popular with scribes)

and then alert reader, jackie, sent this superb link to the peacock room - one of those stories about artists that just makes you smile and be proud to be an artist. so validating. thank you jackie.

today's regular post is below- and below that is another one.
peacock madness has me up to 3 posts a day - but i promise, from now on, we will only have peacock wednesdays. i hope i haven't scared anyone off.

i had to give up on peacock wednesdays, too much work to find a calendar. but, i think i only have one peacock per week from now on. elizabeth sent me a font that took me into new territory.

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