Wednesday, June 10, 2015

peacocks playing poker

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i google a ton of obscure stuff and i can never stump google. i have never had an original idea. until this one. there was not a single picture of peacocks playing poker. i was stunned. also happy that i finally had an original idea. but i am equally depressed that this is it.

then, to make matters worse, i folded the paper too close to the lamp, so now it is a reject. and i hesitate to invest more time along these lines. even though it is tempting to google every single creature to see if anyone has done them playing poker.

serious time wasting information follows:

penguins playing poker - yes
sloths playing poker - yes
ladybugs playing poker - technically, no drawing, but there is a photo of stuffed animals and actual playing cards
anteaters - yes
ardvarks - technically no, but there is a photo of people dressed up like aardvarks, playing poker
it just gets so weird, i think i better stop.
but i can't stop
cicadas - no - and don't even go to the images relating to cicadas
and my final search
the one that convinced me to stop the madness
i'm warning you
DO NOT google:
calligraphers playing poker
your eyes cannot unsee what it there.
and you think i am joking.
i am not.
trust me.


  1. Congratulations!!!
    You did a fantastic job on this envelope. The longer I looked at it, the more details I noticed. I especially liked the Ace on the floor with the peacock's claw setting on it.
    I am going to take your advice and not Google calligraphers playing poker!

  2. i'm glad that a couple of you like it. i might have to take it down after a couple days. the idea of it circulating forever on the internet doesn't thrill me.

  3. This is delightful, playful, fun, postmodern. I saved a copy of the image, in case you delete, which I hope you won't. The temptation to google 'calligraphers playing poker' was too much to resist, but I didn't notice anything odd. I figured it would be Thornton and Rohrs shirtless or something, but no such luck.

  4. i think there are photos -somewhere- of denis brown lettering on people at a conference. there certainly were some good stories going around. i'm surprised they didn't pop up. i should have started a new blog to post the items that i want to share, but don't really want to be associated with. there's some better stuff scheduled to come up over the next 2 months...

  5. A whimsical delight! And I just love the feathers under the chair backs.
    Move over, black velvet dogs playing poker.