Sunday, June 21, 2015

smash - double bird on head

smash says she had a crow on the head that was so dreadful she had to put a woodpecker on top of the crow. the adhesive did not want to stick to the crow, so the stamp fell off....but only after the scan. i will keep the non-pleasing-to-smash bird in my top secret file. i always like horizons.

thanks, smash


  1. Making me a little intimidated as I am mailing out my first ever exchange envelopes next week and I think one is going to smash! (Susan?)
    Jean, I asked about envelopes and I can't remember which blog post it was on so I am not meaning to ignore your envelope tips but I have lost track of that conversation thread.

  2. Carol, please don't be intimidated by me. I was a professional calligrapher for 25 years,this is just a lark for me. My last exchange was made out of a spiral calendar, each envelope was a different month. It's just fun, play

  3. Ha ha OK I'll give myself 25 years! I want to learn calligraphy and have checked out a lot of books from the library- but so much information-do either of you have a suggestion of where to begin?

  4. Do you have the speedball textbook? It is my favorite beginner book because it has so many styles. Also my blog has some tutorials. There are also many good pointed pen tutorials on Do you know if you want to do broad edge or pointed pen first?