Friday, June 19, 2015

MOMA exhibit

how could i have missed this?
MOMA had an exhibit of mail art in 2014.

i have always wanted the des moines art center to have an exhibit of mail art.....but figured they would consider mail art too amateurish...but if MOMA has done it, that should be enough validation...

and a personal note to all the people i owe personal notes may be a while. i thought i was caught up - but  there was a tsunami of events that have pulled the rug out from under me and...

(i desperately want to add a third metaphor, but am running late - so maybe Jack will think of a zany ending to the sentence)

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  1. There were also days that I couldn't see straight, couldn't seem to get my brain to working, couldn't get my head on straight... Then my good friend Jan stopped by and told me were my head was!

  2. I'm sorry, Jean... Was that mean?

  3. not only was it a perfect addition - it foreshadowed real life. jan really did come over and assist me in one more bride-911 job yesterday. my head was in no shape to do the proofing - and eagle-eye-jan found every single error. she get's the pulitzer-proof-prize this year.