Saturday, June 20, 2015

nancy's peacocks

another early one i forgot to post. i like the idea, but they just look so scraggly. once again, it is not wednesday. note to self: don't even try to be orderly.

these were g-tecs with a bit of water added.


  1. After the poker-players, this is my favorite. The peacocks look smug. :0)

  2. HOORAY! I love this line up! At the Ankeny post office this week I bought two Flannery O'Connor stamps and some other stamps. When I apologized for taking a little longer than most of those who preceded me in line, the postal worker said, "That's okay. We rarely see enthusiasm like yours." You may have unleashed a mini-monster, Jean.

    1. Gosh - that would make me feel immensely accomplished to have unleashed a mini-monster....i feel a drawing of that coming on.....

  3. These guys are great. I feel a little bad for Y, smaller and off to the side :)