Monday, June 22, 2015

h.b. karen - linum

i think karen's birthday is today. back in march she dropped a pretty funny invitation for me to send her a ridiculous number of envelopes for her birthday. so, i did a bunch. this was inspired by the fun flowers that nonnie sent back in april. they look like dancers - which would be another idea to explore.


  1. Jean, you're great! What a wonderful birthday good morning - you brought joy and delight!

    It started with your posting about Louise in Canada - she hoped to receive 55 envelopes for her 55th birthday. Brilliant! I sent her two.

    Thanks again!

  2. I'll be pinning this idea for later. Love it!

  3. And my pack of envelopes for you, Karen, might arrive tomorrow or the next day. I kept forgetting to take them to the po.

  4. I'm so excited - thank you! I started my birthday at the PO mailing my exchange envelopes.