Tuesday, June 9, 2015

belated birthday greetings to john

i think john still checks my blog daily. i saw birthday greetings to him on facebook on saturday, june 6, so i quickly made this envelope. he lives about 3 blocks from me and i don't have his exact address, so, this will just be waiting at my house for me to figure out his address...which will be hung off that third clothesline.

or he could hike over, knock on the door, and say, "give me my damn envelope." call first, john, and i'll make a video. don't come later than 7 pm as i will be asleep.

this idea should catch the eye(s) of those people who intend to learn how to do enough lettering to make fun envelopes (without going to any work to learn anything). this is the worst possible lettering. the only thing that makes it fun is the color, the variety, and the outlining. and all you need are cheap kids markers or sharpies.
for outlining, i do have all the G-Tec colors that they make, which will set yo back a few dollars. but you could just get a really sharp pencil and outline with pencil and it would be pretty. or colored pencils, if you have them.

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