Wednesday, June 17, 2015

repeat? cathy's parabolic olympic

sometimes i wake up and find an envelope in the scanner and i have no idea if i blogged it. if this is a repeat, i'll delete it. otherwise, it's a warning. don't try to do a mosaic pattern unless you have infinite patience. or are actually working in mosaic.


  1. this is the ugliest envelope i think i have ever seen. i have to take it down. but, i am torn because i try to encourage people to appreciate and learn from the disasters. just wanted you to know that i know it is awful.

  2. I like it! Looks like jewels. It's a gem!

  3. Don't take it down! I had seen this stamp the day before this post and had been mulling it over in my mind how to use it. It was kismet to see it used in a post the next day!

    I think the colors are the only thing that doesn't work well in this envelope...maybe if they had been brighter colors as is used in the stamp? Otherwise, I like it! And it has given me some ideas!