Sunday, June 28, 2015

h.b.karen - balloons

dot-a-rific markers.
stick figures.
white gel pen on the balloons.


  1. Love this mail art. Very steal worthy, but no luck finding the gotta-rific markers. Do you know of a source for them?

  2. Mine are very old and they might be discontinued. I don't see any place online that sells them any more which is too bad. They were really fun markers.

  3. One of my favorites. Thanks, Jean, for making my birthday truly celebratory!

  4. Very cool!
    I have read on mixed media sites that dot-a-rifics have been discontinued:(.
    Will this bar code alone get the letter there and how do you get it?

    1. the sticker is one that was peeled off a piece of my mail and I used it to cover up a tiny address that was hand written. Sorry for the confusion. I would have no idea how to create a bar code for an address.

  5. You could use a small circle rubber stamp.
    This one is going up on my Pintrest board for future reference. It makes me smile.

  6. or an eraser on the end of a pencil. . . .

  7. Found a box in. a basket of grands art supplies. The kids are grown so I don't know how old they are DO.A. DOT art. West lake Villiage, CA
    They still work and came in 3 color assortments