Saturday, June 27, 2015

miss munster's stella

sometimes when you ask for a hand cancel, the envelope will go into the pile of mail that goes to the machines and get another cancel. in this case, it is a rather interesting addition. but, it might have been better without. i really like this idea where only the essential information is right-reading and the non-essential information is used as the design elements. this idea has all kinds of possibilities.

thanks, miss munster.

also, miss munster asked if i might be joining the chicago guild at any of their workshops. sadly, i have had to put workshops, conferences and conventions on the list of things that i no longer do. i miss seeing all my penpals, i really do....but, after years of neglecting my family, they finally figured out something that would lure me into the fold. grand-offspring. i was not expecting to enjoy messy crabby small people again. but, some kind of weird subliminal wiring seems to be connected.

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