Thursday, June 11, 2015

desk cleaning - tim gunn, clotheslines, two red scrolls, finn's train

 i do not recall if i already posted these envelopes. the top one is from finnbadger. he and i are huge tim gunn fans. i saved the postcard from when tim was in town. i blogged about going to the talk. then i wanted to make it into something fabulous for finn. but in my quest for a clean desk, just mailed it to him without doing anything. so, of course, he mails it back. he's been such a polite little grasshopper. now, it seems like he is messing with me. i have added to it and mailed it back.

this was a second attempt.
not any better than the first.
i might even start removing all these ramirez envelopes that are not blogworthy.

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