Wednesday, November 12, 2014

what's that shape?

is there a name for that ellipse with pointed ends?
something other than *football*?
i love the whole design and matching lettering on the insert (the top item)

it's from finnbadger, using the uber-popular johnny cash stamp. dang i love that stamp.

i don't know what the writing is. we could wander through his blog and probably find out....but we are vigilant in our efforts to do less surfing.


  1. Jean, is this your clever way of getting your followers to surf the web for you? I *had* to find the answer to your question - apparently the shape is a lens. Lenses can be symmetrical or asymmetrical. Maybe an asymmetrical lens should be called a 'Harper'.

    The writing is asemic - i.e. meaningless. I created it it on the computer for the MMSA asemic writing challenge, however I ended up not sending the computer-generated cards in for the swap, so I've been using them for notes inside the envelopes.

  2. Thanks for surfing for me. I love knowing the ne of that shape