Sunday, November 9, 2014

to wilma - from cathy

cathy o'rear sent this birthday greeting to my mom. the envelope is tucked behind the card, to fit them both on the scanner at the same time. i wanted to show the italics next to each other. the card is done in colored pencil and the envelope looks like marker with gold gel pen shading. it is nice to know how to do italics - or any other style- in both pencil as well as marker or nib.

and notice the extra space between the all caps in the address. very nice. this is not cathy's first rodeo. is it just me, or is *not the first rodeo* the latest overused expression? or maybe it has just made it to the midwest. i rather like it. wilma and i have been to a rodeo, or two. literally.

the card is a very pretty letterpress card from the if you want to look at more of their work.

thanks, cathy

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  1. Yes, I have been to a few rodeos. And another fun expression applies: been rode hard and put away wet!