Tuesday, November 11, 2014

to wilma from jeri

pretty colors and pretty lettering from jeri. i like the sheerness of the lettering. it might be watercolor.

and i wonder what brand of sparkle stuff she used on the counters (counters are the official name for the spaces enclosed by a letter)

it looks like it was applied with a pointed nib and not a clunky gel pen.

very pretty. but, i have to go back and look at all the other envelopes from jeri and see if she always drops the zip code down. i don't think she does. but maybe she does. how many people drop the zip code? i usually don't. should we discuss zip code dropping in depth?

thanks, jeri
i sing wilma's praises because she makes cookies and pies and pudding and pretty much anything i ask for. not sure baking is *valiant.* i suppose she was valiant putting up with me all these years....when her preferred daughter would have been janet weeden. shout out to janet who did not send a card, but took time to take her out for a birthday lunch.


  1. I never really thought much about it, but I guess I tend to drop the Zip more frequently than not.

  2. the red sparkly was probably water color and a brush that wasn't clean!