Saturday, November 15, 2014

bird on head

i actually tossed this image and then rescued it from the recycle bin after i attended the talk that tim gunn gave here in des moines. this was mail inviting me to the opening of the halston-warhol exhibit at the des moines art museum. halston is a home-town-guy who made it to the big time. grant wood, halston and jason momoa. the three most famous iowans

i guess i should the three most famous women from iowa:
sister corita kent - designer of the first love stamp, mildred day - inventor of rice krispie treats and
twins (so they count as one) ann landers and abigail van buren, who wrote advice columns.

i'm not even a native of iowa, so, i don't know why i have gone off topic. sorry. and i object to the cigarette. i'll put the address on a sticker and cover up the cigarette.

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