Thursday, November 13, 2014

from alyce to wilma

seriously, postal worker, did you really have to take a grease pencil to this beautiful envelope? no, you did not. i can't figure out why you would cross out the state and zip. it is just fine. it is legible...geesh...

i do see the code is imprinted in very pale red ink near the bottom, and the state and zip is occupying the same space. i guess i will start recommending that we all leave the bottom half-inch to the post office. sometimes i do...but, i think after this, i will try really hard to leave that space open.

that's really cool that you have fern rubber stamps, alyse. plus, i see that those stamps are FOREVER. when did that happen? mine are clearly marked 49-cents. i am so confused......does anyone know when, why, how they made the only 49-cent stamp into a FOREVER?  i'm thrilled they did. i love that stamp.

where can i get them??????


  1. Beautiful envelope.

    In March the PO also issued them as forever stamps.

    You could buy strips of 20 or 25 stamps, or coils of 3000, however currently they are not available at USPS. Maybe they sold out?

    Only ones left are the 49c large coils as far as I can tell.

  2. Uh oh. I'm addressing my Christmas card envelopes and, sadly, went all the way to the bottom!!! As I continue I will follow your advice.

  3. I usually never find out what the envelope looks like when it arrives. I will be more observant when addressing them in the future and stay away from the bottom of the envelope.
    I've been purchasing my stamps online lately. It wasn't that long ago that I bought the fern stamps. I wonder if they'll be making more of them.