Wednesday, November 5, 2014

from finn

i'm 99% sure that this one has not been blogged. i am still working on my stack that built up during august and september and october.  this one has the postmark on the reverse side...strange.

so pretty. finn featured it on his blog a while back. he has some lovely stuff on his blog.

thanks for sending this one my way. perfect stamps to go with the art. if you go to his blog you can find out who the artist is...i have to resist the temptation to look because then i would be tempted to google the artist and i'd be off surfing and i guess we all know that i am cutting back on my surfing.

thanks, finn

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  1. Also strange... is that I left out Des Moines in the address. I know all you need is the zip code and the street address for delivery, however it was not intentional on my part.

    This is one of my favorites, too. As you often say, Jean, 'hard to part with'.