Saturday, November 1, 2014

from smash

this was the design smash used on the exchange. the envelope looks like it might be hand made which would have been a lot of work. either way, it is a very pretty envelope and a good way to use up vintage stamps. it is fun to have an excuse to use three stamps on an envelope. and making this into a vertical layout was a good way to justify using three stamps.

there is another design principle going on here.
the stamp is a *portrait* orientation.
it is pleasing to the eye to echo the portrait shape with the portrait orientation of the envelope. not essential...but just nice to note.

sometimes i'll rotate a stamp so that it echos the shape of the envelope and end up liking it in that position a lot more.

and even though these stamps are tipped, there is a verticality to the arrangement that is harmonious.

spell check does not like the spelling of the word verticality but refuses to give me a better option so i shall stick with verticality.

thanks, smash


  1. Funny story. This envelope is an "ugly" because it has to be oriented by a human before going through the conveyor belt. there is a charge for this and the ladies at the PO could not decide what that amount was We had a fair shot that it would be returned and my exchange envelope would be stuck in Ridgefield with lots of marks and no delivery

  2. Nice to see another one in this Smash series. I thought the envelope was so interesting - definitely the most textured of the ones I received in the swap. Those vintage stamps are very nice - having seen the three on this one and the three on mine, I went off to see the rest of the sheet on the internet - unusual for the PO to issue so many different ones at one time.

    And I think all you need for the vertically addressed 1oz envelope is an extra 21c... so the 87c covers it and a wee bit more.