Friday, November 21, 2014

jimi-janis birthday

because i had a square card, i needed extra postage and wondered if i could successfully combine these two stamps. they do not share any colors, so the idea i came up with was to use one color from each stamp and then add a color that was not in either stamp and while the lettering is a little fuzzy because of the paper, i like the way it turned out.

i am tempted to put the address under the name - but, i know that will annoy the postal workers, so maybe i should be cooperative and put it in the space to the right of janis.

p.s. orange-green-purple is a nice combo because those are the secondary colors. (red-blue-yellow are the primary colors - when working with crayons, paint and markers...i have to say that because at this moment, my brother, who faithfully reads my blog every day is saying something about the 3 primary colors being red-blue-green -- which is true somewhere else -- like maybe cathode ray tubes??? - i don't remember - something like that)

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