Sunday, November 30, 2014

warhol's firecracker

oh, finnbadger. you came really close to having your envelope moved to the section for things i won't post on the regular blog. but, the firecrackers and the firecracker stamp are just perfect.

one suggestion on my is fine to abbreviate Des Moines to DM or DSM. that would make the third line shorter which would be nice.

look at cathy's envelope from yesterday and you'll see what i mean.

on some envelopes, not this one, you could also spell out des moines and then drop the zip code to a 4th line. that would make a nice boxy shape.

interesting how it went through the machine upside-down...

1 comment:

  1. I knew this one skirted the edge when I sent it. I only thought about this one because of the Warhol-related envelope you sent me. I've had both the envelope and the Lunar New Year of the Snake stamps for quite some time, but didn't make the connection until your envelope made me consider sending this one. Maybe I have too many stamps?

    I think the machines look for stamps in the top right corner, and flip them accordingly. So this one was flipped correctly, but since the stamp is in the wrong corner, it escaped the cancel.

    Interesting that this didn't get the light switch cancel. I'm glad that one is done - it was weirdly creepy. The new machine one should be different ones related to Rudolph leading up to Christmas.