Wednesday, November 26, 2014

amy's critters

i need amy to do some amateur head-shrinking on me. i keep trying to use up the stamps in my stash, but i flip through them and i just can't. i know that she has a stash, too. maybe because she has the affliction, she can easily identify the origin of my addiction and then i can be fixed. or if anyone else has ever solved their addiction to stamps and would like to share with me how they did it, i'm all ears.

these letters happened when i was very tired and gave myself a reward of surf-time and i found something that looked like this but i did not record the source. actually, i am sure that i recorded the source, but i don't know where i filed the record. i (seriously - i really do) have a big binder that is labeled WTHIAMS. (Where The Heck Is All My Stuff)  there is only one item in it. i can't figure out how to remember to add items. i think there is a similar file on my phone...but, i always forget that it's there .


  1. I'm going to have to try these letters. My daughter has a lot of fun little monster stuff for my new grandson, William. He might be coming home from the hospital in the next few days!
    I have a folder on my computer in my email program (Outlook) I call "where things are". I send myself an email and then put the email in that folder. I started it when I (once again) found a Christmas gift for someone in February or March. It works ~ when I remember to send myself the email.

  2. thank you for the suggestion, Alyce. i currently have over 1,000 email reminders that i have sent to myself. if i ever break a bone or find myself immobilized, i hope to go through all of them and....maybe find out what i was going to do. i'm sure a third of them are things i want to put on the blog...

  3. Great letters. My favorites are the S and the O. Bet these would look great colored in.

    Can't help with the head shrink I'm afraid. I mostly do OK with using up the last of a particular stamp, even when I know it is no longer made. So far I've resisted the urger to buy stamps on ebay etc, with only a couple of exceptions.

    Does it work if you ask yourself what would happen if I did use it? Nothing bad, right?

  4. if i use a stamp, then i won't have it when i need it.
    maybe i can create a book of my favorites so that i am not hoarding multiples.
    that should work.