Sunday, November 23, 2014

miss cathy

miss cathy - is this sgraffito?
or something else. she mentioned that she used black crayon to layer over colored crayon and it made a mess.

i appreciate that you made a mess -- just to send me a fun envelope. the patriotic military stamps seem rather serious. so this lettering is in keeping with the seriousness. i have not tried to use one of these stamps. i'm inclined to do something wild and crazy.


  1. Well, I fail to see a mess, I think it's great! I should make such a mess!!!


  2. Love how the black cloud reflects the battle

  3. the mess that i mentioned is not the envelope design, it was the literal mess of crayon shavings on her desk. she layerd black crayon over the base colors and then scratched off some of the crayon - and it made a mess.

    BTW smash - your envelope yesterday is not a mess....i love all the elements. it all works very nicely. i admire *bizzy* designs because i am seldom able to pull them off.