Saturday, November 8, 2014

8th of month

this isn't an entire blog or site about mail (which is what i was trying to do on the 8th of each month. it seems to be an illustrator's tumbler. i don't know what tumbler is for. it seems like a linear list of items which frustrates the heck out of me. i prefer flicker, where you can see everything on the page, in thumbnails. but i digress

here is a link - in case you want to wander

we are nearing the gifty time of year, so i just had to include it rather than surf longer looking for a mail art site.

that is a link to her website.
not much english
she probably doesn't want us stealing her idea.
but if we don't scan or photograph our work and it goes without saying that we would not sell anything that looks even remotely like this....but, if we just mail something that looks a little bit like this and tell the recipient that they may not reproduce it, then i suppose we can get away with appropriating the idea.

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