Monday, May 12, 2014

thank you, thank you kathy

kathy sent two birthday greetings. i am showing them show the nice variations on a theme. we both loved those weather stamps. i never looked at them in pairs. these two go together nicely.

kathy and i also like the wavy letters. they are inspired by akim. tomorrow will be a sample of akim that sticks a little closer to the exemplar.

thank you kathy.


  1. one is wrongly addressed
    neither is cancelled
    everyone at the post office knows jean

  2. thank you for mentioning that detail. i meant to...but forgot....i have had a whole slew of mail delivered without cancelling.

  3. Love the white space. So elegant.

  4. The cloudscape and earthscape stamp sets were both fantastic - hopefully there's another 'scape' set in the future.