Friday, May 30, 2014

don't read this post.

so this envelope was in a pile of unfinished envelopes and i don't know why i wrote *come fly with me* so many times. i think jan was doing an exchange. so i added the finnbadger address and did a lousy job of copying my first writing. and i already sent him the bluebird stamp, and this was the only other one that had blue in it - and i really don't intend to mail it, so i was trying to cut the stamp off the page and leave the backing on it and i hacked into the edge and this is a really boring story and there is no punchline, so i'll go back and change the title of the post - and hope that you listened to me....cuz this was a complete waste of time. and not even a good envelope. sorry. next time you'll listen to me.

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