Wednesday, May 28, 2014

tanager designer

not sure who is going to get this one. i was enjoying making envelopes out of pages from the stamp catalogue and love these stamps....then, the scarlet tanager was a very unexpected one to be so perfect. i love how the bird is checking out the cool designs. the address will mimic the font above the stamp. i suppose i should mail it to finnbadger in another envelope because he is good at making those clear labels. then i would get it back. unless he mailed it to himself. i can't even figure out how to pull up the template to make labels. and believe me...i have tried. i am pitiful. at some things...not so pitiful at other things.

1 comment:

  1. Nice combination of nature and manmade... and color.

    You want it clear-labeled and sent back? Just send it and let me know what color for the address - purple? blue? red?. And even though I love those designer stamps (which the PO no longer has for sale), I promise not to send it to myself.